Tree Removal St. George Utah

Posted on: February 20, 2023

Tree Removal St. George Utah

Tree Removal St. George Utah

We offer all types of tree removal and services in southern Utah. Having your house or office surrounded by beautiful landscape, and a well-maintained backyard is a goal for most homeowners. Trimming a tree requires knowledge and experience unless you want it to look worse than before. Removing a large tree can become really dangerous, and can cause major injuries to people. Plant removal is not a joke, and should only be done by professionals that have the right equipment. Please note that if you live in a residential area, with other houses and roads aside, it can cause major harm to structures and people when done incorrectly. The average cost for removal varies on the size and type of plant. Trees are removed for aesthetic, safety, and health reasons. More than often a diseased plant will look not only look bad but could also cause potential harm to its surroundings. Our experts have the proper equipment to deal with any size and type of situation.


Do you need palm removal in St George, Utah or in the southern Utah area? We can help you with all services needed around your home. We do not recommend doing this process on your own. Damaging a car, house, or even others happens often when doing DIY removal. Each plant is different, and only a certified professional will know and understand how to deal with different types. Palm removal will be different than shrub removal. Not only do we get the job done efficiently and quickly, but we also do it without leaving any damage behind. A lot of other professionals out there will leave your yard, or exterior messier than before. Our customers are happy to say that when we offer big services and we do it while taking care of the surroundings. The last thing we want is to scratch floors, damage the exterior of your home, or leave dirt all over your property.


Stump grinding is a great techniques to deal with stumps. Depending on your situation, one will be better than the other. Stump removal will take out the whole stump including roots, while stump grinding will only remove it from the surface. Both are invisible to the eye, meaning that after our service you will not be able to see any sign of what was there before. The main key factor in deciding which process will fit you the best is why you are trying to get rid of the stump in the first place. If you are building a fence near it or it is close to a sidewalk/driveway we recommend removing it since the roots will not stop growing after grinding. Another factor to consider is termites. These insects will consume the roots underground and can easily spread. Trying to remove a stump by yourself will probably leave roots behind. Please understand that this can grow fungi (which can be dangerous for both kids and pets) and potentially spread decay in your yard. Stump grinding should not be taken lightly, and should only be done by experts.


There are many reasons why you may want or need your trees, or shrubs trimmed. From an aesthetic reason to a safety reason, or simply because it is that time for your plants. Plants, in general, need to be pruned and trimmed with time. This process helps preserve them and helps them regenerate in a healthy way.

Deciding to do this on your own can kill your plant. If you cut too much, or cut somewhere that is not supposed to, it will cause more harm than good. That is why it is so important to only get this service done by our experts.


Pruning is essential to keep your yard healthy and restored. We are well equipped to care for different species and types of plants.

Pruning by yourself is never a great idea. You may think you are capable of doing it on your own, but without the proper equipment and safety procedures you may end up hurting both yourself or risking to ruin your own yard. Our pruning service includes:

Reduction and shaping; this will help the tree maintain the right form without interfering with objects

Raising; cutting low branches that can be in the way of people when walking

Cleaning; removing the dead branches

Thinning; reducing the large shape that has grown too much

We in all services. We are located in St George, UT and offer our service in the southern Utah area. Our team provides high-quality care for all yards and gardens, without leaving a mess behind. We offer all of the services below and more.

Tree Removal
Tree Trimming
Palm Removal
Palm Tree Trimming
Stump Removal
Stump Grinding
Tree Shaping
Tree Pruning
Tree Planting
Shrub Trimming
Shrub Removal

We are Saint George’s Best Tree Service, really!

We are not just your average tree removal and service company. We pay attention to the details of every project that we are called on. We love making our costumers happy. We love removing dead trees as well as trimming and caring for live ones.

So if you need a tree service give us a call. We would love for you to be our next happy costumer. And remember, if you have ever asked the question, “Is there an amazing tree service company near me?” we have the answer. Yes, yes there is.

We really are the best choice that St. George and all of Southern Utah has to offer in meeting your tree care needs. We handle all kinds of tree services. Whether it is full tree removal or trimming, fertilizing, and caring for the trees you love, our trained experts are here for you.

We are a local St. George UT, Tree Service Company

As a local company our tree care specialist, are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. We can help you with all your tree needs (including palm trees). We also can take care of any shrub and bush needs that you may have. From large tree removal and stump grinding to cleanup and replanting, our professional crew will get the job done fast. We also offer emergency services if you ever find yourself needing us on a weekend.

We Revive Your Landscape on a LARGE Scale!
When you have a tree removed from an area it makes a Huge visual impact. And that is a good thing. A dead or dying tree will draw the eyes in an undesirable way. Adding new vibrant living trees and shrubs will also have a huge impact. Out with the old and in with the new will make your yard feel new and refreshed. Yards are meant to be beautiful, somewhere that you can go to relax and take time to smell the roses, literally. There is no better way to fully revive and enliven your landscape than to have us come and service your trees and shrubbery. And don’t worry, we don’t pull out everything just so that we can replant.

Nicely trimming your large shade trees so that they can remain healthy is just one of our additional services that we offer. And a well done trimming and shaping of your shrubbery will have beautiful impact on your yard. And what about those palm trees? Southern Utah is a unique from the rest of Utah in that we can grow palm trees here, and with those palm trees comes the unique care that they need. Unlike some trees that can go a couple of years between trimmings, palm trees need to be trimmed every year, and if they aren’t then it becomes very obvious very fast. That is why we are here to keep your palms looking there very best.

Is There More to Tree Care Than Tree Trimming?

Of course there is. General tree care is also an important part of our service. Besides making your trees look wonderful on the outside, we also make sure that they are healthy on the inside. Because if a tree is sick or does not get the nutrients it needs, it is only a matter of time before the tree will start to die. We love trees and know that you do too, so we will do our best to make sure that a wanted tree can stick around for as long as possible. One of the ways we do this is by fertilizing your trees and shrubbery. Just like you and I need proper nutrients, so do your trees.

Another thing that can harm or even kill your trees is bugs. St. George has beautiful weather, the same warm weather that allows us to grow palm trees. That same warm weather also helps keep bugs alive over the winter. These little pest can cause a big problem for your trees. This is why we treat your trees for pest.

Caring for sick trees is also something that we do. Consider us a tree doctor. We love trees and know that you have trees in your yard that you love too. No one wants to lose a tree that they love. We can bind and stake a tree that is in danger of falling or splitting. In this way we can add years of life to a sick or weakened tree. This service however, is not always available due to the size of some trees and how badly they are damaged. We would however love to come and take a look if you have a tree that you are concerned about.

Why is it Important to Have the Professionals Take Care of My Trees?

It is important to have a skilled tree climber there to remove dead, dying, or unwanted trees. Our crews have been trained on how to safely remove even the biggest tree. We have the equipment and the know how needed for safe and skilled tree removal.

Trying to remove a tree yourself could result in the tree falling on a house, car, road or even a person. It is simply not worth the risk to remove a dead or unwanted tree yourself. It also can take years of experience and training to learn how to properly trim or prune a tree. While trees need trimming and pruning, cutting back too much can harm a tree. That is why our crews have been carefully trained how to best care for your trees and shrubs.

We know how important healthy trees and shrubs are to a beautiful landscape and can help you keep your trees and shrubbery growing strong at an affordable price. Fill out the free estimate form to the right and we will show you just how reasonable our prices are. We are prepared to meet all your tree service needs and more.

How do we Compare to Other Tree Service Companies?

There are other companies that service trees in the Greater Saint George Area, Southern Utah Tree Service, Arbor Tech, BA Robison Tree Service, Master Arbor, and The Tree Guy (just to name a few). And I am sure that they all do a good job. But if you want the best tree care and services available, with attention to detail, at a price that is affordable, then St. George Tree Service is right for you.

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