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Posted on: January 6, 2023

Maintaining a yard that has trees can take a lot of work and effort. Dead trees pose a danger not only to the lives of the people living near it but to the property as well. That is why it is advised to get professional help when you feel that the tree in your yard is dying and cannot be revived anymore.

Letting the Professionals Do It

When getting a professional to do the work for you, make sure that they also do stump removal because you would not want for it to be left in your yard rotting. When a tree is cut down, the stump is left and there are still roots are under the ground. If this is not removed, it can rot and can cause more damage in your yard. Rotting stumps and roots are breeding grounds for pests such as termites, insects and diseases because the nutrient rich area can provide their food and shelter at the same time. If not acted upon immediately, these can spread to your entire lawn and damage the whole area. It is advised to get a professional to do this job for you because they have the expertise as well as the right equipment. Safety is always the priority even when doing stump removal and you can expect this from these workers who know what they are doing. Also, these companies can also be the ones to worry about the disposal of the wood pieces as well as getting your lawn back in order.

Going the DIY Route

However if you feel that you cannot afford paying for the stump removal services but have enough confidence that you can handle the job quite well, there are other options that you can check out. One of the options is to rent out the equipment to use to remove the stump. It might cost you as much as $200 a day for the rental of a stump removal machine. Be sure to check with the dealer on the proper use of the equipment including the handling of the controls. There are also chemicals available in the market that can remove stumps in your garden. There is many of it available so you must know what kind of chemical you are purchasing. Products perform differently so it is advised that you read the labels and research customer reviews on the Internet.

When you have chosen a particular product to use, read the label carefully especially in the preparation so as not to harm yourself. The nice thing about using chemical stump removers is that it speeds up the decomposition process making the work of digging out the stump and roots easier and can be done with less effort. If you prefer to do stump removal the old fashioned way, you can just use your good old axe and hack away the stump and the bigger roots. Chip away the wood into smaller pieces until you feel that you can dig out the remains easily. By doing this, you not only remove the stump but also get the wood chips which you can dry out and use for smoking or grilling. There are many ways to remove tree stumps. Doing it will not only make your garden look nice but also you are assured that there will be no insects and pests that can destroy it.

It takes a highly trained tree care company to relocate trees and perform tasks like tree trimming and tree pruning services. It is important to call on a professional to get the best look and keep your trees and lawn healthy.

Tree Stump Removal and Tree Removal – Better Now Than Later

You may not want to wait for stump removal…

There have been some big storms lately throughout Utah, most notably Hurricane Sandy. These storms have done significant damage. In the northern part of the state, this has resulted in many broken and downed trees, leaving homeowners to try to figure out what to do with the mess that has been left behind. Should stumps and trees be cleared out right away, or is it okay to leave them behind for a little while? It may seem like something that can wait for later, but you really may want to work on your yard sooner than later. Leaving dead trees and stumps in your yard can actually cause problems. Here are two issues you may want to think through:

1. Remove Dead Wood for the Sake of Your House

Dead wood in the form of trees, tree stumps, and even stacks of cut wood can become homes for rodents or insects. There may not be a problem right away, but the longer these are left out, the bigger the chance that you may have some uninvited guests move in. This could cause trees to become weaker and fall, or if the wood is too close to the dwelling, could invite termites or carpenter ants right into your house. It’s really not worth the risk. If you know you may want to cut your trees down at some point, you might as well do it now.

2. Remove Dead Trees for Safety

Dead trees are not safe. The longer a dead tree sits, the greater the chance it has of falling as roots dry up and the trunk becomes more brittle. Trees that have lost too much off the top will also quickly die. Leaving these trees up for extended periods of time invites a hazard – and can have consequences for persons and property.

How Much Will This Cost?

This can vary greatly depending on the size of the trees and stumps, as well as the number. We can tell you that it’s a good idea to get a couple of estimates before taking on a project. Most reputable companies will offer free quotes on project. You will see a great variety in prices, so make sure you get a few quotes.

Various Tree Stump Removal Methods

Felling trees is a relatively easy process; removing stumps is a different matter. Unlike felling which only involves cutting a tree, stump removal takes time and requires following set techniques to make the process simpler and faster to complete. Most landowners would rather have stumps removed because they take up precious space, preventing the construction or installation of structures. They’re also eyesores even if vegetation grows on them. The biggest problem, however, is that they’re hazardous and can cause injuries especially when hidden under foliage. Most stump removal methods should be undertaken by professionals especially if equipment is used. Take a look at four common techniques.

By hand

Removing stumps by hand works only on small, old or rotting stumps. A chainsaw, digging bar, pick mattock, an axe, length of chain and a vehicle with four-wheel-drive are needed. The use of improper tools will render the operation useless or half-done. Remember, the stump may not be alive but its roots still spread a good distance so it’s difficult to make it give. What has to be done, then, is to cut the major roots and the exposed ones with an axe or chainsaw. They can be pried using the pick mattock and the digging bar. As the roots are pried, they loosen to make it easier to uproot. The chain is securely tied around the stump and connected to the vehicle which pulls it.

By Grinding

Grinding is a popular removal technique but should not be attempted by amateurs. The equipment can be rented if hiring professional help is not desired. Like the hand technique, the roots will have to be axed while stones and other obstacles are cleared. A chainsaw is used to cut the stump further to make grinding easier and less time-consuming. The grinder will be difficult to use for amateurs so it’s a good idea to have someone from the rental company demonstrate the process. Professional workers charge between $100 and $200 to grind and haul the stump.

By Burning

Burning is an inexpensive way to remove stumps and is a common technique applied in regions that don’t have access to stump grinders. In this method, the stump isn’t simply lit. Holes are bored into it and filled with potassium nitrate. Water is poured into the holes to dissolve the chemical and scrap wood is placed on top of the stump before ignition. Drilling holes and burning the inside of the stump ensures that the entire piece burns well. Remnants are cleared and vegetation allowed to grow over the area if construction or installation of structures is not immediately required.

By chemicals

Chemical removal is another technique that is cost-effective. However, it takes time for the stump to break down. Potassium nitrate is filled into holes drilled not in the stump but around it. Water is poured into the holes and the mix is left to sit for about a month or more depending on the state of decay of the stump. The waiting period ends when the stump becomes spongy and can be torn using an axe. To facilitate more rotting, the stump can be doused with kerosene and made to sit for another couple of weeks before axing it. Or, it can be burned to make removal of debris easier.

Tree Removal Services Can Provide You with the Professional Help You Need

Trees in the backyard of your house, in the public places or in the commercial buildings’ compounds are subject to all kinds of weather conditions. Apart from seasonal pressures, there could be natural disturbances like storms and strong winds. This might cause the weak trees to fall apart. Then, what you find is a fallen tree or trees that might be blocking the pathway or drive way. You will need to clean up the mess and ensure smooth flow of activities. The huge trees also could block the sunlight in your garden. Thus, you must remove the trees to let the sun shine maximally. You either clear off the mess on your own or hire tree removal services of an expert company.

In case of a storm, it is possible that some of the trees remain standing. It is important to know which trees to salvage and which ones need uprooting. The experts that work in companies providing tree removal facilities are well skilled and trained. They understand the trees that could continue to exist on the property and will advise you on the right steps that you should take. The manpower in such companies will help you clean up the mess after a storm. Just like doctors that know how to treat humans during sickness, such people know how to save trees. Some trees might survive if you trim them a little. Other trees might need support. Some other trees require uprooting. People providing tree removal services will save as many trees as possible. In the same position, you will not be able to judge rightly. Every tree’s roots have a strength limit. It cannot go on taking strong gushy winds and storms forever. A tree might look extremely strong with a sturdy trunk, yet the tree is a poor windbreaker. In places like the Utah, some trees face storms for about fifty- to- seventy days in a year. This has an effect on trees. There could be tree damage in the form of root failure, blow over, crown twist, branch failure or stem failure.

Trees are very important to the environment. It is important to conserve them to the extent you could possibly afford. The professionals working for tree removal companies always give first priority to human life and health. There could be instances where a tree has fallen and got along the power cable on your house. There is a big risk of fires or explosion involved here. The power cable could carry a big load of electricity. In such a scenario, it might not be possible for you to handle the crisis. The people working in such companies have training to deal with all kinds of situations, saving trees at the same time. When there is a storm or trees have fallen on your property, you must first assess the situation. Then, find out if you are in a position to take control. If you are not confident, then you must seek tree removal services for expert help and advice on how to deal with the crisis.

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